New Pool

At Sweet Pool Restorations, we pride ourselves on using only the finest materials and workmanship to ensure quality results for decades. Our small dynamic team offers personalized attention to all our customers, and you can be sure your new install will be both unique and trouble-free.

The vast majority of new pool installations are of the vinyl liner variety. The reason for this popularity is that the cost is roughly 65% of that of a concrete pool installation. Additionally, with recent advances and products, we can now do most custom options with liner pools that were once reserved for high-end concrete pool constructions. However, the allure of the concrete pool, with tile and plaster finishes, and unlimited design options……means that its popularity will forever remain.

It’s important to remember when making your final decision, that you are making an investment that will be encased and buried in concrete in your backyard for 40+ years. It is extremely important to familiarize yourself with the various construction techniques to ensure you know what you are getting, and that your pool will be built with quality, ease of maintenance and longevity in mind at every step of the way.


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