Our affiliation to the National Plasters Council binds us to a strict code of preparation and application of pool surfaces, and business practices which flow through all of our activities. Commercial and residential references are available upon request.

Who We Are

Sweet Pool Restorations was founded in 2002 by Robert Slack, who at the time had spent over 12 years working in various capacities in the swimming pool construction, restoration and service industry. 

We contribute our success to our small dedicated crews, punctual job commencement and completion, and adherence to exceptional building practices and material use - far exceeding industry norms. You can be sure of our attention to detail and the personal involvement of the owner on all projects; before, during and after completion. Our philosophy ensures you will get the best value for your money and will enjoy years of trouble-free leisure time in your backyard. 




Concrete Pool Shell

Warranty the structure of the pool for 12 years against structural cracking and concrete deterioration. Hairline cracks are a normal occurrence in any concrete product and are not considered failure where water loss does not exceed ½” per week due to such cracking or other porosity of the pool shell. 

Pool shell is equipped with a hydrostatic relief valve. Any and all damages incurred to the pool shell or system, landscape and any resulting damage due to tampering with, removal, plugging of, or failure to inspect function of said valve upon draining of pool, will not be covered and will void any and all warranties implied or expressed. 

All finishes including coping, tile and marbelite have a warranties for periods of 3-5 years, as described below.

Vinyl Pool Shell

Warranty the structure of the pool for 10 years, lifetime corrosion warranty on steel wall panels from manufacturer. Liner carries a 25 year pro-rated manufacturer warranty. 

In both concrete and vinyl-lined pools, equipment carries various manufacturers’ warranties which Sweet Pool Restorations will service for the same time period. Underground plumbing carries a 7 year warranty against leaks resulting from poor materials or workmanship. Underground plumbing will not be warrantied for freeze damage (unless pool is winterized by Sweet Pool Restorations) or tree root damage.


Warranty from surface de-lamination and open cracks in the plaster surface for 3 years. No warranty is expressed or implied in regards to spot etching, calcium deposits, or other breakdown of the finish due to chemical attack and poor water balance. Mottling (shade variation), minor surface bubbles and imperfections (especially in difficult to reach areas such as corners, around jets and other obstructions) are acceptable, normal occurrences in a plaster finish.

Tile and Coping

Warranty from de-bonding or cracking for 5 years. Poured concrete copings may develop hairline cracks, which are not considered a failure, unless they open up or there is breakaway material. 

It is the client's responsibility to annually inspect (or have Sweet Pools inspect for you) all grout, caulking, concrete sealers and other seals that may allow water to penetrate pool finishes (tiles, coping and marbelite). Premature failure of pool finishes due to the lack of maintenance will void warranty after a period of 3 years from original installation.