Concrete Pool Finish Options

Concrete Pools are capped with a natural or man-made coping stone, this is the band (normally in contrast to the patio) running around the outside perimeter of the pool. Most pools are currently utilizing rock-faced, natural stone copings, in keeping with the natural look which is very popular. Several natural and man-made smooth, rounded bull-nosed options are also available, all at various thicknesses and costs. 

Below the coping lies the waterline tile, a band of porcelain or glass tile (never ceramic or natural stone, as they are neither frost proof or impervious to water absorption). It is extremely important that the pool beam (rough concrete top edge of pool) be properly cleaned and prepared prior to tile and coping installations, and the quality of tile adhesive and grouts that are used is of the utmost importance, especially in a freezing climate such as ours. All of our tile and copings are installed using suitable polymer modified, thin-set mortars that have a lifetime warranty, suitable for water immersion, and are freeze-resistant, which are critical to ensure that tiles last decades. The tile and coping are grouted with hydraulic, colourfast grout. 

Marbelite, or pool plaster, is a coating which is applied roughly ½" thick to the entire surface of the pool below and sealed into the waterline tile. It is a plaster material made up of specialty cements, marble and other aggregates, binders, polymers and other ingredients, which is mixed on site and applied by trowel to create a smooth, watertight finish on the pool interior. It is the longest lasting type of concrete pool finish, far exceeding the lifespan of paints or fibreglass resins, and not requiring sandblasting for future re-finishing. An upgrade to the durability of marbelite are modern exposed Quartz and pebble finishes- an enhanced pool plaster, which adds beauty and durability, however, they don’t deliver the same level of smoothness or classic brightness of the bright white marble-based plaster. White is the base colour, yet tinting of Grey and blues is very common to create a darker, pond-like feel. However, white plaster remains the most common choice due to its clear Caribbean blue water appeal, and classic elegant look. 

You can be assured that our spray-adhered scratch coat and old-school trowel application and plaster floating process will create the best possible bond and finish to your pool shell, ensuring years of enjoyment. Our gas powered plaster mixer is set up right at the pool’s edge, ensuring a good communication between the plasterers, mix crew and the cleaners. Our craftsman approach believes in taking our time on-site to ensure a consistent material quality and thickness, just like it has been done since the 1950s when pool plastering was first introduced. Whether you choose our custom blend or upgrade to a pre-mixed marbelite, all of our materials, techniques and workmanship adhere to the National Plasterers Council Technical Manual. We are proudly the second oldest member of the council in Central Canada, and we strongly recommend using only a member of the NPC to plaster your swimming pool, a swimming pool plastering is a very specialized skill.