Convert an existing concrete pool into an Infinity pool - Part 2

Steps in converting an existing concrete pool to an infinity pool.
Part 2: Final forming, Gunite application, Repairs, Leveling and Test run

The Forms are all reinforced and straightened, utilizing a a laser level, string line and two of the most attune sets of eyes you’ll find. Our team are true craftsman who have the knowledge of experience dealing with concrete pools both new and very old, ensuring the right materials and techniques are utilized, and prep work is meticulously completed.

The dry applied Gunite ensures a crack free extremely well bonded concrete structure. Because the water is mixed at the nozzle and little to no further placement occurs, there is need for much less water, thus reducing much of the dehydration which leads to shrinkage cracking in normal concrete. This monolithic structure now over a month old does not exhibit even 1 hairline crack.

Another advantage to Gunite is that due to the high velocity of application the material is packed more densely and avoids “honeycomb” areas, and can be stopped and started without creating cold joints. Redimix concrete must be applied within two hours of mixing at the plant, or its quality is compromised, and any added water will further compromise the concrete.

The one downside to Dry Gunite is the rebound material, a certain amount of sand flys back from the surface, which must be removed, and this material can collect on forms/ supports in tight places. Any spots where the rebound collected need to be carefully cleaned out and patched once forms are out of the way.

The Dry Gunite also allowed us to maintain very straight lines as the a normal high slump (high water content) concrete will push and hydrate the forms causing bulges/ warping and low spots, which require a lot of paging to correct afterwards.

Once the water crested the entire perimeter evenly and the pump fired up without any issues with the 7 suction lines and 3 returns it was an Awesome day, I could have watched it run all day but there was still lots of work to do!