Vinyl Pool Finish Options

Vinyl liner pools have a vast array of colour, pattern and tile banding options along with acrylic steps, available in various colours and stainless steel options. The other finish option on the pool will be the coping style which is the outside edge of the pool. The most basic and cost effective finish is a white aluminum band which both retains the liner and winter cover, and acts as a form and finished edge for the concrete patio around the pool.

The next level of finish is a formed, poured and finished concrete coping, with a separate liner/ cover retaining track. This can be poured as part of the patio, or (at a premium) as a contrasting, separated coping band around the pool perimeter.

The highest end vinyl pools have a natural or man-made stone coping. A concrete band is poured around the top edge of the pool acting as a bed for the stone coping which is then custom cut and installed. The same retaining track as the poured coping is used, and a separate patio of concrete or paving stones surrounds the stone coping.