Vinyl Pool Construction

We offer great value in our high-quality (exceeding industry standards) in-ground pool installations. All of our liner pools are installed with 12" thick concrete footings surrounding the entire perimeter of the galvanized steel wall system and supporting the A-frame/deck support system. We use superior panels with a bent over and reinforced top and bottom rail system ensuring the pool will be built true and remain the same shape for its lifetime. The pool floor is a steel reinforced 5" thick structural concrete shell, which is then soft plaster coated to ensure a soft, smooth, crack-free surface for the vinyl liner to sit on. This is a crucial step in avoiding pin holes and premature ware of your liner. 

Every vinyl liner pool we install is equipped with a weeping tile drainage system and clear gravel backfill to ensure proper drainage of water from the area excavated around the pool to install the framework of the pool walls. This area will be forever prone to collecting ground and run-off water, which can cause freeze damage and end up between your liner and pool shell ( causing the liner to float, or bubble out) if there is no drainage system installed. Sweet Pools builds a structural pool shell with a 10 year warranty, far exceeding industry “norm”. 

All of our pools come standard with start-up chemicals, all required maintenance equipment, instruction session, two follow-up service/instruction visits & first year winterization, cover and related equipment - worth well over $1,000. If you are looking for a great value on a high-quality pool installation that will last a lifetime, call us.